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by - Thursday, February 13, 2020

Lama sangat Anis tak update blog sebab masih dalam mood malas tapi cuti dah nak habis minggu depan, by Sabtu dah gerak balik kampus Arau ❤ Hari ni terasa nak join segment ! Harap-harap dapat beri nafas baru dekat blog ni 😁

Antara syarat-syarat yang korang kena buat untuk join this segment :
  • Follow Blog Hana (Nanti Hana follow balik)
  • Buat entry dengan tajuk " Segment Blog Review & Cheerful Bloglist By Hana "
  • Sertakan banner di atas dan backlink ke entry ini
  • Dekat entry tu, nyatakan 1 kata-kata motivasi yang korang suka. (Kalau tak ada kata-kata semangat, letak lagu motivasi ataupun motivational experience pun boleh!)
  • Komen url entry tersebut di ruangan komen bawah ni.
  • Siap! Selamat Bersegment :)
  • Extra thing : Kalau rajin, sila ceritakan atau ulas secara ringkas kenapa korang pilih motivasi yang korang nyatakan tu *yang ni tak wajib pun :)

Sejujurnya, Anis tak banyak membaca so tak tahu lah kata-kata motivasi yang pernah diungkapkan oleh orang-orang ternama 😅 atau ilmuwan, tapi these day I try to live like this

" Less expose your daily life in social media, make your daily life happier by not procrastinate and do plan earlier, don't compare your life with others since each of us are born differently. "

Let me tell you, lepas 2 bulan Anis deactivate Instagram, seriously I feel different sebab langsung tak tengok everyone elese punya stories and whatsoever. I feel bad for myself as a human and as a servant of Allah. This is how I feel, ungrateful for what I have, I keep on saying "best lah diorang boleh itu,ini" "untunglah orang, aku ni tak pergi ke mana pun / I don't have that things either" 

I gained more disadvantage on having social media, I feel I have negative vibes seeing other people 's happiness. I would love to have / to do something like they did too and stress myself about it. Hence, I deactivate my account for a while. I even sign up for a new Instagram account and follow all the journaling related stuff. I want to fill in my leisure time by doing something that I feel exciting without thinking about what the others are doing! I learn how to do calligraphy or lettering a bit, I try to improve my handwriting too 😉 This is the best feeling I have, I'm free 🙌

is it motivational enough? hehe 😆 for me it is 'a step' to make myself more motivated to ignore unnecessary things that can affect my mental  health and 'masalah hati' I guess

would like to share that Instagram with all of you here, click HERE to see. and I'm back using my main Instagram since the new semester going to start soon, I need to use it for one of my subject which is entrepreneur subject

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  1. kita dah lama stop guna instagram, tak boleh nak follow anis..hehe

    gudluck ye :) ♕Tiara Sapphire♕

    1. heyy it's okay! saja je nak bagitahu kot kot ada yang nak tahu what I'm doing right now sampai malas nak update blog huhu 🤦‍♀️

  2. Thank you so so much for joining my mediocre segment. HeeHee :D I'll update the announcement soon ok?!
    Happy segment!! ^_^

    1. most welcome! and thank you jugak for hosting it 👏🧡

  3. selamat bersegment, buat lawatan sebelum join hehe... i still have those thoughts tho, banyak kali dah ingat kan diri yang 'im in my own time frame' and 'i shouldn't compare my life with them' tapi tulah, cant help it..

  4. done follow IG tu. Hehe
    All the best Anis. ^^

  5. Hana dah update announcement! :) Jemput baca...


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